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Related post: Due to the continuing requirements to stabilize the research project base and the reduction in the NIAID approved FY '82 contract budget, the contract budget has been reduced from $11,078,000 in FY '81 to an estimated amount of $10,100,000 in FY '82. The number of active contracts has been reduced from 120 in FY '81 to an estimated 105 in FY '82. To accomplish this reduction, various funding mechanisms were implemented which included delayed, short- term funding plus renegotiation reduction on on-going contracts; various contracts were phased out. 12-1 II. GRANTS MANAGEMENT BRANCH Fiscal Year 1982 continued to reflect increases in grant activity for NIH, NIAID, and for the GMB. In the Order Stromectol NIAID, Grants represent approximately 72% of the Institute's total budget, with over 1,700 grants for approximately $170 million awarded in FY '82 (up from $168 million in FY '81). The GMB is responsible for the fiscal and administrative management of all grants and awards issued by the NIAID. The GMB works very closely with program staff and provides the fiscal and administrative expertise necessary for effective program management. The GMB also serves as an interpreter of grant policy and procedure issued by the several echelons Purchase Stromectol within the Stromectol Canada DHHS. In reference to changes cited in previous annual reports, we regret to say that certain highly valued management tools have been rendered obsolete. The categorical Report of Expenditures, which Order Stromectol Online was to be replaced by the non-categorical Financial Status Report, has in fact fully Cheap Stromectol Stromectol Buy materialized. The loss of the categorical expenditures report deprives GMB of a significantly valuable management tool Stromectol For Lice Stromectol Scabies for monitoring grants. Online Stromectol However, the change in the project-period concept that allows the "savings" from one project-period segment to help fund another continues to allow the institute to stretch the limited research dollar just a bit further. Of potential impact on grants management activities in the future are four issues that have emanated from the NIH Directors Advisory Committee. They are: - Extensions (Liberalization) of Institutional Prior Approval System - Automatic Carryover of Unexpended Direct Costs - Transfer of Costs Between/Among Related Projects - Limited Trial of the Fixed Obligation Grant Currently there are four working groups, each assigned the task of developing an NIH position on their respective issue. Each of these issues will bear very close scrutiny in the future. The fact that we operated on a continuing resolution during FY 1982 posed many operational problems for the GMB. Many awards prepared early in the fiscal year had to be revised to reflect budget reductions necessitated by our operating at a level less than the expected full operating budget. Generally, for all research awards, the award level was reduced by Ivermectin Stromectol four percent from the committed/approved level. Actions on other types of awards were as follows: - Generic Stromectol Individual Fellowships (F32's) were prepared reflecting $3,000 for the Institutional Allowance Stromectol Online (normally $5,000). - Institutional Training Grants (T32's) were prepared reflecting allowances of $2,500 per postdoctoral trainee and $1,500 per predoctoral trainee (normally $5,000 and $3,000 respectively). 13-1 - Awards made for Salary only (Career-K4's and K6's) were not reduced. Award notices prepared in FY 1982 did not reflect any reductions in future period commitments. However, it remains to be seen as to Buy Cheap Stromectol whether or not we will be able to honor those full commitments in Stromectol Purchase FY 1983 and beyond. Further, with regard to FY 1983, it is anticipated that indirect cost awards, for research grants, may be made at the actual amount, less ten Buy Stromectol Online percent . Again in FY 1982, staff of GMB were able to make many valuable contributions, both as members and chairpersons, of policy and procedure work Scabies Stromectol groups, committees and subcommittees at the NIAID and the NIH. The Chief, GMB was Director of a new STEP Module entitled "Shrinking Research Dollars: Funding Issues, Mechanisms, and Alternatives." Additionally, the Chief, GMB participated as a faculty member at the "NIH Grants Administration Conference" held in Monterey, California and attended by representatives from more than one hundred grantee institutions. During FY 1982, the GMB was formally reorganized from a single branch with no formal sub-structure to a single branch with Stromectol Uk three formal sections. The Branch, with the respective Section Chiefs, is comprised thusly: SECTION SECTION Stromectol Order CHIEF Immunology Grants Management Section Mrs. Mattie Tynan* Microbiology Grants Management Section Mr. Todd Ball Grants Support Section Mrs. Marietta Robinson *Mrs. Tynan also serves as the Deputy Chief, GMB It is expected that the reorganization of GMB will further the objectives and better facilitate the significant interactions between and among Grants Management, Program, and Review. We have already experienced gains in FY 1982 and expect further advances in the future. Clearly, the relationship and partnership between GMB and PPRB has been heightened. In FY 1982, as in the past, employees were encouraged to broaden their horizons beyond their day-to-day routine and fill spots created by temporary absences. Classes, seminars, and STEP programs Buy Stromectol were attended with more regularity. In general the staff of GMB Stromectol For Scabies continued to move forward in their individual development while maintaining a high level of excellence in pursuit of the day-to-day duties and responsibilities that encompass all grant programs funded by the NIAID. 13-2 III. PROGRAM AND PROJECT REVIEW BRANCH A. Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation Research Committee, NIAID
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